Until 31 December 2021, you can openly redeem your Concerto Budapest gift card for the orc-hestra's next year concerts via the orchestra's website without being charged an administration fee. You can purchase any ticket or subscription of your choice, for one or more transactions up to the value of the gift card. Should your cart value be higher than the value of the gift card, you can settle the difference with the help of your bank card upon redeeming the gift card online. If the value of the gift card exceeds the cart value, you can use the residual amount for further transac-tions.

You can print a holder for your gift card by clicking HERE. After cutting out the printed pdf file, fold it on two points and put adhesive on the top part to create a pocket. 


Select a Gift Card

Ajándékkártya 10.000 Ft
10 000 Ft

Ajándékkártya 2000 Ft
2 000 Ft

Ajándékkártya 5000 Ft
5 000 Ft